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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  June 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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turned black this from system that hit further down the coast but people in delaware and along the shore north cape cape may county under a tornado warning for nearly half an hour. tonight we're learning about all the damage. >> take look how bad things got on this stretch of the boardwalk in north wildwood. you can see the wind actually picking up debris ting it arou around. thankfully, as you can see no one is braving the conditions outside here. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's get straight to meteorologist kathy orr. >> kathy,. >> we still have thunderstorm watch going on out there for good part of the region. but you can see the storms moving fast and furious across the delaware valley with that tornado warning popping up between about 3:30 and 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. right through cape may county. because a doppler radar indicated tornado meaning the national weather service saw rotating thunderstorm indicating a potential tornado right between stone harbor and cape may. so we will continue to see if they'll send out crew to investigate that. in the meantime, you can see the track of large hail associated
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with this storm reports of ping-pong sized hail, golf ball sized hail through delaware and extending into cape may county. thousands of lightning strikes associated with this. and this is the culprit. it is a front and to the south of it that is where we saw the severe weather threat earlier this afternoon. and we could see a few more storms popping up this evening. so remember, we do have the severe thunderstorm watch in effect for central and south jersey and entire state of delaware until 9:00 o'clock tonight as we look ahead with our computer models you can see our future cast has by 5:00 o'clock most of the activity dying down all the severe storms to the south. a few storms possibly popping up in burlington county through the six, 7:00 o'clock hour even into the 8:00 o'clock hour right where that front is and this moving toward the southeast. another batch coming from baltimore, married and heading toward dover and possibly again toward cape may between 10:00 and 11:00 o'clock tonight. so something to be watchful of. i don't think it's going to be as impactful as this afternoon,
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but more storms possible through the evening. more details on this and that tornado warning coming up later in the broadcast. i'll had see you then. >> all right. talk to you then. a lot of talk about that. fast-moving storm left tens of thousands without power. most of them 36,000 are in cape may county. in delaware delmarva power reports about 500 people waiting for the lights to come back on in kent and sussex counties. now stay prepared for severe weather by downloading our fox 29 nouse app. you'll get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone. just search for it in the apple or google play stores. breaking to night, guilty on all counts. jury found pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah guilty today of all charges against him including racketeering, fraud money laundering. fattah is free on bail tonight. >> we have team coverage. brad sattin is getting reaction in the congressman' district. joyce evans has been digging into fattah's past but we begin with jeff cole outside federal court on a historic day for this city. jeff. >> reporter: lucy, the united
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states attorney says he will ask for a jail time for u.s. representative chaka fattah once a powerful member of the u.s. house, once a sitting member of the appropriations committee, now a person convicted of multiple counts of corruption. u.s. representative chaka fattah kept that every present smile on his face after a jury found him guilty on all charges. >> very tough day but we're going to four with my lawyers and figure out what our next steps. >> reporter: charged 29 count federal corruption indictment fattah who spent 22 years in the u.s. house was convicted of conspiracy to commit racketeering, male fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, bribery and other charges. >> congressman, why do you continue to smile sort of congressman? why? >> at the core of the us attorney's case was the claim facing an embarrassing loss in the 2007 democratic primary for mayor, fattah hooked up illegal $1 million loan and later used charitable and public funds to
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pay it back. conviction likely send him to federal prison. his son is serving federal time for tax and bank fraud. >> you knocked out two of the fattahs. you knock out his son. you knock out his father. what's your reaction to that? >> i don't have any reaction to that. we really don't any other comments to make. >> four co-defendants were all convict evidence some charges. herbert voter man said to be fattah's human atm guilty conspiracy to commit racketeering and other counts. >> any leeing. >> none whatsoever. i'm shocked. >> same for robert brand linked to the illegal campaign loan. >> we're not answering any questions. >> bonnie bowser and karen nicholas also convic convicted t midnight the top federal prosecutor weighed in on the high profile conviction. >> chaka fattah, sr. and his co-defendants be trade the public trust and undermined our faith in government. today's verdict makes clear that the citizens of the eastern district of pennsylvania expect their public officials to act with honesty and integrity.
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>> reporter: sentence fog chaka fattah will take place on october 4th. he remains a member of the congress. he can go back down to washington but with very little power unable to vote or take part in committee hearings. live at the federal courthouse, i'm jeff cole. lucy, more at 6:00. iain, more at 6:00. >> jeff, thank you. see you then. as the news of the guilty verdict spreads tonight his constituents are speaking out. brad sattin spoke to people in the congressman's district. joins us 35 night at fattah's philadelphia diss trek office. brad? >> reporter: iain, he has been in politics for a long time. he has served 11 terms in congress. he was up for re-election lost earlier this year. prior to that, he spent 12 years in harrisburg, six in the senate, six as a state rep and that brings to us where we are today and how he will be remembered when he a chance to talk to his constituents today saying fattah has done a lot in this community regarding student aid, college redness, keeping homeowners underwater as a result of mortgages in their homes, but now he is a convicted
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felon who could likely go to jail. people we spoke to say that he should resign his seat because while he can as jeff mentioned keep it for now, he's prohibited from voting oy anything so he could serve very well in congress. his constituents not able to serve here in the second congressional district. his constituents are reactioning some shocked at the conviction. others not so much. >> i don't think it should take away from the achievements he's achieved. people make mistakes, but if you've been convict affidavit crime you should step down. >> i was shocked. little hurt but kind of expected. >> reporter: why do you say that? >> well, from early days it look like the building the case that was being built up just did not seem that it was going to be going in his favor. >> long history in philadelphia of poor behavior politically. >> reporter: you're not surprised by this. >> i'd be shocked if he didn't
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get guilty. >> he's in stelle office for the rest of the year. >> it should be apparent any sense of dignity he would resign. but i'm sure he'll appeal and drag it out. >> reporter: at this point no there's no word on whether he might indeed stop down. one person react to go night fellow democrat in congress bob brady. he is on his way to washington tonight but i did speak to him a short time by phone and flat out asked him, should fattah step down, we'll get his reaction and hear from him coming up at 6:00 o'clock. iain. >> brad, thank you. we'll see you then farms at a's son chaka fattah, injuries are was convicted last year on 22 of 23 counts in his fraud case. prosecutors say fattah, jr., scammed banks, irs, government loan administrators and the philadelphia school district out of more than $1 million. he was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to repay the money. coming up later in this newscast a look at chaka fattah's past want came before this fate fall day. in the meantime you can get
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continuing coverage on our website at fox we'll post the latest information on the home page. happening right now, intense moments inside a tunnel. police say they found a cash weapons inside vanity holland tunnel which of course connects new jersey and new york city. police stopped the van for a cracked windshield and search uncovered all kinds of weapons inn clueing loaded guns. they arrested three people. the joint terrorism task force is investigating out of abundance of caution. but authorities say the incident is not connected to terrorism. new developments to night in the brutal murder of a woman who was found in fairmount park. investigators say they have charged a second woman in the murder of 26-year-old tori bryant. a couple stumbled on her body a week ago today. police say she had been stabbed and shot. >> now investigators say they have the two women who did it. let's get straight to dawn timmeney. she joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters. dawn? >> reporter: well, lucy and iain, police charging that second woman just this afterno
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afternoon. they say 28-year-old shantel smith was behind the horrific crime and admitted to the whole thing when she was questioned this afternoon. memorial with candles and messages pays tribute to tori chandra bryant in the chester neighborhood where she grew up. the 26-year-old also known as cash was found brutally murdered a week ago. on her way to work spotted bryant's body bound with handcuffs in the 5300 block of georgia hill road behind the man music center. >> she was suffocated. she was stabbed multiple times in the back. and ultimately was shot one time in the back of the head. >> reporter: today police charged with shantel with murder and related offenses. captain james clark says jones admitted to shooting and killing her friend. >> i've seen a lot of brutal murders. this is probably the most brutal i've seen committed by a female on female shavonne harm strong is charged with bryant's murder shelf turned herself in over the
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weekend. the two suspects and the victim all grew up together on forward street in chester. investigators say the motive, bryant owed her killer money. >> $800 debt from the one female to the other. and she took it from a debt to murder. it just makes absolutely no sense. >> reporter: now police are still investigating and say more people could in fact be charged. bryant's brother charles who did not wanting to on camera says that his sister was a cheerleader and had lots of friends. he, too, is trying to make sense of this very grizzly crime. iain. >> dawn, thank you. in burlington county, two trucks and a car are involved in a serious accident. it happened today on route 206 in southampton township just afternoon. we know at least one person was taken to the hospital. both police have not released the condition of that person. torments night investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the accident. as we approach july 4th, more and more people will be hitting the shore invisible
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danger just claimed lives. what you need to know before packing up the car. they lived through a horrific ordeal just nine days ago. now, patience carter and tiara parker are back home in philadelphia and they summoned the courage to talk about surviving the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> it's reminding myself that i have to also take it easy and take it one day at a time. >> they're powerful words and their message to anyone else who goes through dark times. a devastating end to an afternoon at the beach for one family. one of them got a flesh eating virus. the fight now underway for his life. >> new at 6:00 we're working to gets results for residents in a philadelphia neighborhood. where this hole has grown into a danger for children. ♪
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♪ welcome back with live look at absecon, new jersey. we're tracking severe weather chances. folks in south jersey have seen the worse of it so far. we'll continue to track the weather, bring it to you as it breaks throughout the evening. the beach of course a great way to escape the city and beat the summer heat recent tragedies down the shore remind us that you've got to be safe.
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rip currents being blamed for recent deaths at new jersey beaches. >> bill anderson has an important look at how to protect yourself. >> reporter: we have officially entered the summer season along the jersey shore. a time for many to enjoy everything that the beach has to offer, but two recent tragedies remind us it's also a time to be aware of some basic rules to protect yourself at the the beach. >> the first thing when you come down at the beaches locate your lifeguards. fine out the closest lifeguard stand report roar this past weekend a 24-year-old woman became the second person to drown in long beach island at least partially due to rip currents. although neither drowning occurred in ventnor city their beach patrol agreed to help us educate the public so people are aware even the safest beaches require awareness of the risks. >> normal every day beach goers look at the ocean and for the lack of better term most people think the ocean is a giant swimming pool, you know, that don't realize there's all these holes and currents moving
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throughout the shore line here which causes these under toes to pick up. >> reporter: the problem with rip currents at any beach is that people who get caught in them tend to panic. but the beach patrol told me it's really important to learn the safety steps that could save lives. >> if you can't get yourself back in, the first thing to do is to acknowledge that and realize that, don't panic. and the number one rule if you are in an under tow, is swim parallel to the beach. >> reporter: even following two recent tragedies it's important to note that the jersey shore is historically safe. telling people to stay alert is different than telling people to stay away. >> as long as you swim near the lifeguard and listen and obey what they're saying, everybody should be okay. i mean the beach is a friendly place. the ocean is an awesome experience. we just like i said swim near lifeguards the best thing for you and your family. >> reporter: in ventnor, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. fire in lumberton, inform leaves three families homeless
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tonight. firefighters say the blaze broke out sassafras drive around noon. authorities believe it might have been caused by a propane tank explosion. three homes have been red flagged meaning those cannot be occupied. one person was taken to the hospital but their injuries are not serious. philadelphia police are trying to track down two men wanted for opening fire on two people in center city. you see those two guys right there? police say they walk up to a man at broad and walnut streets and asked him if he wanted drugs. when the guy said no, police say the men punched him in the face and shot him in the leg. moments later investigators say the same two guys robbed and shot another man along the 200 block of south street. if you recognize them, call police. now, north philadelphia, police are trying to figure out who shot two people this afternoon. skyfox over the 2400 block of diamond street just past 11:00 this morning. investigators say someone shot 18-year-old girl in the hip. she's in stable condition at temple university hospital. police say someone also shot a
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20-year-old man not far from there. he's at temple as well. we don't know how he's doing. the nearby william dick school went on lock down while police combed the area. developing now, the political fallout continues after four failed votes of the u.s. senate anyone of those votes could have tighten gun control measure in the wake of orlando nightclub shooting. fox's doug mckelway tonight on what could happen next. >> reporter: it was a predictable out come four gun control am. in the senate, two republican, two democrat, all voted down large the along party lines. reflecting the continuing deep he had lly divisions between the parties. it was the first attempt at a legislative solution since the orlando nightclub shooting but the democrats are vowing it won't be the last. >> i'm not going to quit on this issue. many of my colleagues will not either. i ask the american people don't quit and don't get discouraged. >> reporter: today, the inevitable finger pointing from both sides majority leader mitch mcconnell predict democratic line of attack and attempting to fend it off. moments later, democratic leader
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harry reid doing exactly what mcconnell predicted he would do. >> put forth a serious proposal designed to prevent known or suspected terroristing from being able to buy guns and democrats voted against it. >> reporter: but there is one hope of bipartisan amendment moving forward proposal by main republican susan collins would ban gun sales to those on the know fly list and shrek tee list which requires people to undergo a second screening before boarding flight. white house says it will support any bill using common sense measures to help keep guns out of the wrong hands. >> the president believes it's common sense that we would close loop holes that allow individuals to purchase guns without going through a background check. >> reporter: collins bill unveiled at a press conference this afternoon. still no word on when it will be debated on the senate floor. on capitol hill, doug mckelway, fox news. >> as the day past in the aftermath of the orlando
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nightclub shooting, the need for help is still very high and now these dogs are headed down sou south. we have their special mission. a troubled teen forced to live in a tent in his parent's yard noun police have gotten involved. why his parents have kicked him out. education is without a doubt a great thing but some pusling new information has come forward about what a student education could mean for your chances of developing a brain tumor. ♪ t cc1 t cc1
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another live look at ultimate doppler radar. something for everyone tonight. rain for some, severe storms for others and a quiet evening for
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the rest of you. how this evening is shaping up ahead in your fox 29 weather authority. in southern china at least one person is dead after a quarry collapses. rescue teams with dogs are now trying to find at least seven people who were trapped piles of rubble could be seen around the area. we don't know yet what caused the collapse. tonight firefighters are working to contain a southern california wildfire. but officials are warning residents to follow all evacuation orders despite a massive fire fighting effort crews have not been able to contain two fires northeast of los angeles. they're combined size has grown to more than eight square miles. it's tough going. meanwhile other fires are burning across arizona and new mexico where firefighters are also in the middle of triple digit temps. right now, rescuers are on their way to the south pole to save a sick worker at a united states science station. airplane left british base in antarctica this morning for the 1500-mile trip. harsh weather is not making that
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flight easy. it's currently mid winter in antarctica imagine that and normally no planes takes off between february and october because of the he can treatment cold, darkness and wind conditions. some local therapy dogs are in orlando, florida tonight that grieving community heal from last week's deadly terror atta attack. fox 29 cameras at the philadelphia international airport this morning as tri-state k9 response team ready to board a flight to orlando. the team is sending six certified crisis response therapy dogs and their handlers to provide some much needed relief. >> typically what happens victims and the victims families are the first ones that receive assistance and emergency services typically will be overlooked. we're going down to make sure they're getting the assistance they need and after we cover all of those bases we'll provide anywhere else we can provide assistance to. >> the team will fly back home to philadelphia on thursday night. they survived a horrific ordeal just nine days ago and
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now patience carter and tiara parker are back home no philadelphia and summoned the courage to talk about surviving the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> some days i wake up screaming like this morning. >> from a dream, a nightmare. >> from nightmare. and some days i just wake up and i'm just here. >> they're powerful words and their message for everyone else who goes through tough times. >> chaka fattah guilty on all counts. the latest plunge of he can treatment fall from grace for the pennsylvania congressman. how did we get here? we'll take a look at his road to a conviction. kathy? the severe weather has rolled through but we could have a few more storms through the evening. we'll talk about who has the best chance to see them brighter days ahead coming up when we come back.
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♪ many cleaning up tonight from the powerful storm that rolled through a little more than an hour ago. here's some video from north wildwood, new jersey showing the fast-moving storms and this video also from wildwood shows the line of storms that triggered a tornado warning earlier in cape may county. you can see the torrential rain coming down and the high winds blowing. tens of thousands have no power right now. thanks to those storms.
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33,000 of them are in cape may county and in delaware, delmarva power reporting a couple of hundred people in kent and sussex counties are waiting for the power to come back on. we are on top of other breaking news as well. a jury just found u.s. congressman chaka fattah guilty of all charges and those include conspiracy to commit racketeering, male fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud and bribery. the pennsylvania democrat had a very long career right here in our area. >> 22 years serving in the unfortunate s house of representatives. joyce evans here to give us insight into the veteran politician. >> long career and distinguished career for most part he rose to power as champion of under served community activist who fought his way to the top and. it came full circle right here in philadelphia. in 1986, the philadelphia native earned his master's degree in g mental administration from the university of pennsylvania. his political career included 12
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years in the state house in harrisburg. six as a pennsylvania representative. six as a state senator. fattah went to washington in 1994. the congressman from the second district was easily re-elected to 11 terms in the us house of representatives. where he is currently a senior member of the powerful house appropriations committee which is responsible for setting spending priorities for more than a trillion federal dollars. as he was in harrisburg, fattah had been a driving force behind numerous laws and programs to empower the under served. in education, health care, jobs, housing and crime prevention. in 2007, fattah lost a bid to become mayor of philadelphia in a hotly contested democratic primary. and just last may, the congressman lost his 12th bid to return to washington.
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and the congressman confidently ran for re-election even though he was under indictment. he officially remains pennsylvania's us representative of the second district until january. lucy? >> thank you very much joyce. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it has been in fact so incredibly busy that kathy orr is just now walking over and joining us because she's back there looking at ultimate doppler radar. what's going on? >> we're timing more storms that could potentially move in this evening. >> right. i was just getting new information. >> thank you for that by the way. >> this is how breaking news happens right here. >> yeah. this is great because right wee we're on the good day set so my desk is right there. i can scoot right over pretty quick. right now we're looking at the potential for few more showers and thunderstorms and seeing them form we have one just to the north of toms river. you have another one that's in chester county and another in lancaster county. so they're still popping up. they're still brewing but i don't think it's going to be anything like we saw this afternoon where one we had line of severe storms pushing down through the region and possibly
5:33 pm
spawn tornado in cape may coun county. i have talked to friends in cape may county there are there are trees down everywhere. if you're planning on heading down that way, call ahead to make sure the roads are passible and open. also, flooding rain reported in stone harbor with this severe cell moving through. right now we're seeing thousands of lightning strikes to the south along the border between delaware and maryland. salisbury has a severe cell right now. i mentioned toms river. some heavy rain moving into western part of chester county. i want to zoom into this cell, because this is a very popular road if you go to spring lake or belmar a very popular shore destination to the north of philadelphia and to the east this the road you take it's 195 right to the north of jackson. you take 295 north to trenton. you go east on 195. it's a straight shot down the shore 195 brick township and heading toward the shore. so very heavy rain here associated with a very strong
5:34 pm
thunderstorm. it is not severe. but we had a few earlier in the toms river area. most of the activity falling to the south. we take zoom in to the severe cell. i counseled up all these lightning strikes just this frame so it's a snapshot of a moment in time and you have nearly 1500 strikes. salsbury, maryland snow hill toward ocean pines and this is in the southern part of delaware as well. so a very strong cell there indeed. part of the same system that ripped through south jersey and central and southern delaware. high temperatures today so far in philadelphia we made it to 88 degrees. 90 in trenton. 89 in wrightstown. 87 in millville. and 86 in wilmington. now, rain cooled temperatures across the region. as we look into the future, you can see still some storms bubbling up possibly through burlington county, through philadelphia, we're look about seven there could be one. we'll keep an eye on that. into south jersey again through the 8:00 o'clock, 9:00 o'clock hour. and then through baltimore and washington some of our models are picking up on some development sweeping through baltimore through dover,
5:35 pm
possibly into cape may as heavy rain at about 10:00 o'clock so continue to see if this will be evolving we are severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00 o'clock tonight. you can see temperatures right now rain cooled for the most part. millville 68 degrees. 68 in dover. atlantic city only 73 degrees. dew points are high. that's the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. 69, closing in oppressive humidity l the same in wrightstown. little bit more comfortable to the north with dew points in the 40s and the 50s. tomorrow we'll watch this front push to the south. high pressure builds in from the north. temperatures a little bit cooler but lower humidity peeking in the mid 80s. pretty typical for this time of year. then we run another severe threat but not until thursday slight risk of severe weather through the good part of the region and that would mean the potential for severe thunderstorms and damaging winds. in the city overnight 66. the suburbs 62. during the day tomorrow, the high 86 degrees. warm and breezy and as we look ahead on the exclusive fox 29
5:36 pm
weather authority seven day forecast, threats for more severe weather on thursday. friday looks great. so does saturday and sunday. the hat trick with fine weather temperatures well into the 80s. by monday we're going for 90. hot and humid and next tuesday a chance of some strong storms. typical for this time of year. >> all right. looks good. thank you kathy. >> you bet. all right. a devastating end to an afternoon at the beach for one family. one of them got a flesh eating virus the fight now on for his life. >> education is without airdate doubt great thing. but some puzzling new information just come out about a certain type of education and what it could mean for your chances at developing a brain tumor. >> and coming up at 62:00 guys are wanted in a local grocery store armed robbery. the you meek feature about the weapon used police are hoping will help track them down.
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♪ >> georgia church controversial message to the lgbt community and now someone is vandalized a sign showing those words. sign read, god created male and female. satan created gays and transgender that's beauford georgia pastor bobby wright put on sign of his church. someone painted over the message and scrambled the letters around. the pastor says his church is rooted in the bible but those that nearby churches say his is not the right message to spread. >> god eighty three 88ed male and female satan created gays and transgender. >> greatest commandment to love the lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. >> that pastor says in the wake of the orlando terror attack taking down the sign would compromise the gospel. police are trying to find whoever painted over his words. >> turning to your health now, and some stunning potential cancer ricks university degree
5:41 pm
could increase your risk of developing a brain tumor. researchers based their findings after studying more than 4 million people in sweden. nearly 6,000 men and more than 7,000 women developed brain tumors, men with university education lasting at least three years were 19% more likely to develop a brain tumor known as lee emma. women had a 23% higher risk. no word yet on exactly why the findings appear in the journal epp if he teeth ology and community health. the food and drug administration granted approval to two drug makers to test potential zika virus vaccines humans. it will evaluate the safety, tolerability and um l immune response to the drugs. these trials are first step on the long road before the vaccines could become available to the public. it could take years to figure out whether he will hit the market. >> they survived a horrific ordeal just nine days ago. and now patience carter and tiara parker are back home. brave young women with a message in the afternoon of the worse
5:42 pm
mat shooting in u.s. history. >> i take it easy. time heals all wounds. >> their powerful words straight ahead.
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♪ welcome back live look at trenton tonight. some of could you see severe thunderstorms this evening. the fox 29 weather authority is all over this. of course, we will keep you updated. meanwhile two young philadelphia women inside the pulse nightclub in orlando when the violence exploded eighty one 12t12th are back home. patience carter and her good friend tiara parker were both
5:46 pm
hurt in that attack. the two stopped by the station to describe how life has changed after surviving. >> patience shared with us her journal signed by president obama who included some very inspirational words. >> it's his autograph journal by the president of the united states. barack obama. so, yeah, one of the nurses in the hospital actually gave me this because she lost somebody in the shooting and she saw the poem and is he really wanted me to continue writing so she gave me this. >> it's a journal. >> it's a journal. my personal journal. so -- >> signed by the president of the united states of america. >> absolutely. >> that's powerful. >> yup. >> that's got to be inspirational for you. >> every time i write in this book i read what he said. dream big dreams. row wrote there on there, and so every time i go in here, i dream big dreams. i keep writing. >> how do you get through the days now? >> try to take easy as oy
5:47 pm
possibly can. i try to take it easy as i possibly can. as much as i possibly can. it's hard. i have to go day after day, you know, thin thinking and living t situation as much as i don't show it, you know, crying and breaking down because i have plenty -- i just take it easy. time heals all wounds. >> some days i wake up screaming like this morning. >> from dream a nightmare. >> from nightmare. and some days i just wake up and i'm just here. i'm just blank, and i just remind me self that you can't get up as fast as you want. to you have to take your time
5:48 pm
getting out of the bed and going to the bathroom. so remember, you can't bend your knee because when do you, that's going to be painful. so it's reminding myself that i have to also take it easy and take it one day at a time. >> i stop believing that god could save me from that situation and i just wanted him to take my soul before i got shot again or before the entire bathroom was blown up. i stop believing that i could get out of this, um, but don't give up. don't give up your faith. keep believing because you'll never know. you'll never know for sure if you'll get pulled out through that wall. >> you've got a big day on friday. it's akyra's funeral, i believe. what are your thoughts? >> it's still surreal for me.
5:49 pm
i believe friday it's going to be my reality. it's going to be the day that i realize this is real and she's not coming back. i got to speak at her funeral. i have to do her hair. i have to do her makeup. that will be last time i get to see her. >> what is your message for people that are going through dark times and struggles? >> don't give up. please, don't give up. it look like it was over for me. it look like it was over when i got pulled through that wall i couldn't believe i stopped believing that i serve the god i do because he got me out of that situation don't stop no matter what it look like i was round
5:50 pm
you, no mask how graphic. no matter how bad it seems, you don't stop believing because he can pull you will out. he can pull you out. and get you through no matter any situation. just keep believing. keep believing. keep believing. >> they are both so strong. both patience and tiara now on dedicate their lives to helping others overcome struggles. they both home to be a light in dark times. and they are. we've been following patience's recovery from the beginning. you can see her entire news story on our website >> troubled teen is forced to live in a tent in his own pan's backyard. now police are involved. why his parents have kicked him out. at 6:00 o'clock we're following developments of a brutal murder after a wouldn't stabbed, shot and left another woman dead in fairmount park. what police are now saying about the suspect charged in the murder. and with the official start of summer authorities are reminding neighbors to take care
5:51 pm
of each other on hot days. we'll show was message the delaware county officials are using to protect its residents. howard? >> miracles, they do happen. ben simmons finally came in to town to work out for those 76e 76ers. what does to mean to the gm brian coangelo? phillies number one pick was also in town. a lot of bad teams here. a great catch by ball girl. all that coming up in sports. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find
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♪ a flush eating virus one texas man fighting for his life. brian parrot went to galveston beach last week and doctors say the 50-year-old security guard got a virus through a scratch on his foot. he has to have his right leg amputated from the knee down leaving him unable to go back to his job in security. >> how fast it happened. you go swimming with your family on sunday. you go to work on monday. you have a red light on tuesday. wednesday you have boils on your leg. thursday you lose the leg. >> brian's family wants people to be aware of what happened to him. so they can prevent this from happening to anyone else. a teen from new mexico living in tent in his pan's wack backyard here's why. it's punishment. mom and dad say their 16-year-old keeps stealing from them so the boy now has to live
5:56 pm
in a tent with food and water, of course. they only let him inside to sleep at night. neighbors call the sheriff's office but authorities say although it's a little odd, not illegal. >> anybody who wants to talk, who wants to try to talk some sense into him is more than welcome. we're not trying to -- >> the teen's parents say the punishment will last for another two or three weeks unless he completes several reports on how to be a respectable man. school teachers don't always get the recognition they deserve of course but today on good day our quincy harris helped honor a woman who has gone above and beyond for her students. >> check out what happened at a mitchell elementary school in southwest philadelphia. >> betty graham has been here for their years taught kindergarten for 30 years she's raised this entire community. she doesn't know her whole staff, her husband, how you doing, sir. >> i'm fine. how yourself, sir. >> right now she's in limo. we'll surprise her as she pulse. >> that's correct. >> she's been here for 30 years. >> that's correct. you love your wife?
5:57 pm
>> tremendously. tremendously much she's been really dedicated to this job and she's done fantastic job. >> there she is. >> there she is! >> goodness. >> she didn't know this was coming. let's listen. >> his graham, how are you doi doing. >> fine thank you. >> this is your last day of work. >> yes. >> 30 years here at mitchell. >> yes. >> tell us some of the memories you've had. >> oh, god, so many memories. i wouldn't even know where to start i went to pick up my little girl and she's here. ali, i don't believe this. >> what do you have to say to any students out there that want to become teachers? >> to just, um, hang in there, because you know what, they used to tease me and say you'll be here when mitchell fall down sitting on some bricks. so i guess almost to that point, but just hang in there because it's worth it. when you see the little ones that you taught, it is worth every minute to see the growth and development in those children and when they're coming back to see you at the age of i
5:58 pm
won't say that, because it will tell my age h they're coming back to still keep in touch with you that's a miracle win itself. >> betty says the key to lasting as long as she has in the classroom because she loves what she does. >> he's coming at me. >> congressman chaka fattah swarmed by cameras keeps calm exposure leaving court. >> why do you continue to smile, congressman, why? >> after being found guilty on all counts in his corruption trial tonight. what could lie ahead as 30 year political career unraffles. >> plus an eight month saga in which a small hole becomes a big hole in a big danger for kids in a philadelphia neighborhood. we're working to get results. live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we're tracking two big stories right now for you at 6:00. long-time pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah convicted on all counts in his
5:59 pm
corruption trial. but first our fox 29 weather authority is tracking severe storms moving through the area. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy mole. already drenching rain big nail strong winds pounded parts of our area. viewers have been sharing the weather in their neighborhoods. this video out of north cape may rain and winds beating against trees and anything else out in the elements. look at that right there. a massive tree uprooted by the storms. this is in villas, new jersey. in cape may county. meteorologist scott williams is tracking what's happening right now. scott? >> right now, lucy iain we still have thunderstorms popping up across the area. not out of the woods just yet. look at ultimate doppler. nasty line of severe retter in particular for parts of south jersey and also delaware we had that tornado warning around 3:40 until 3:00 -- until 4:15 for cape may county. look at all of the damage reports across the area. the hardest hit areas on the map. we'll zoom in closer. look at all of the trees down, power outages as we move toward sections of cape may county.
6:00 pm
middle, rio grand, also, look at the winds. up to 80 miles per hour wind gusts in sections of cape may also toward the wildwood area causing numerous problems there. on the map right now, coatesville, west bradford chester county looking at thunderstorms bubbling up non-severe and moving along 195 toward the garden state parkway sections of northern ocean, monmouth county still looking at some of those clowned to ground lightning strikes and this is because of that front that is sagging south through the area out ahead of it look at this. highlighted in yellow until 9:00 o'clock all of south jersey, all of delaware still we have that risk for damaging winds and hail. coming up we'll time out that system weather change force the middle and latter part of the week. back to you. >> talk to you soon, saturday scott. other brea breaking story congrn is a today fattah corruption case. he's found guilty on all the counts against him in the federal corruption trial likely meaning prison time.


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